Monthly Archives: February 2009

Get Fired Up – Clients as a Fuel Source

You ever walk out of a meeting with a client feeling like you just got dragged through the mud and then hit by a truck then beat with a stick? If so, you’re doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter what goes on in a client meeting, you should walk out of it filled with their […]

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What Salespeople Do Wrong

I stumbled across a poll somewhere this week that asked “What do Salespeople do that irritates you the most?” As a salesperson most of these answers don’t surprise me. But let me break them down from a salesman’s perspective for you – and how to not be “that guy” They’re too aggressive/pushy/manipulative – Well based […]

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Rules of Sales: Rule #2

If You want the fruit to fall, You have to shake the tree. Persistence and endurance are among the most important traits for a salesman to have. If you don’t like to hear the word no, you’re in the wrong field. There will be times you will hear the word “No” 100 times before you […]

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