Are you Afraid of Your Quote?

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I was asked a great question by a salesperson I was consulting with recently:

Chris, how do you deliver an estimate when you know that it is going to be significantly higher than what they expect or can afford?

This is an experience that I’m sure a number of solo-entrepreneurs and salesmen have encountered. The real question here is why are you afraid of your quote? Are you not sure that you have built enough value into your pitch to justify the budget you’re proposing? Follow along for three easy steps to not being afraid of your pitch:

  1. Build Value – Give solid reasons why the quality of what you do is worth what you cost.
  2. Build Value – Give solid reasons for why you cost what you do and why you’ll give them more than they expect
  3. Build Value – Give them a taste of what they’re in for once they sign up. Get them hooked on the service and attention to detail you provide.

Never give a quote until you’ve put in the time to do those things. And once you do put in the time and effort to build that value up, a quote with a big number on it is just that – a number. If you believe that you’re worth it – and build the value up the same way -if they can’t afford you it wasn’t going to be a great client for you anyway. But you may have salvaged an opportunity for them to either unearth new budget or refer you out to someone else who can afford the excellent work you do.

What would you do to overcome a proposal you’re afraid to send?