Backstop Commitment Agreement

All documents and agreements necessary to implement the plan, including the Restructuring Assistance Agreement, the backstop commitment agreement and other restructuring documents, are essential elements of the plan to complete the restructuring plan and transaction, and the entry into the transactions and transactions provided for in each of these documents and agreements is in the interests of debtors, remittances and holders of debts and interest. the name of the Secured Commitment Parties (modified, supplemented or amended in accordance with this agreement, including sections 3 and 4 of this agreement) (a guaranteed percentage of backstop commitment and, with unsecured backstop Commitment Percentages, backstops commitments percentages) (these rights offers supported by the parties to the commitment, the offer of rights); (p) the management incentive plan; Employment contracts. The reorganized company adopts the management incentive plan effective on the effective date of the plan, in accordance with the terms of the incentive plan, and the company and/or a subsidiary of the company, from the date of the plan, execute the operating date and issue employment contracts to the relevant senior managers with each of the five principal executives of the company on the terms set out in the enterprise contract. that all confidentiality agreements reached so far between the parties and the RSA remain fully in force. Section 25. MULTIPLE COMMITMENTS; NO RESPONSIBILITY. Notwithstanding the contrary to this agreement, the parties agree that (1) the assurances and guarantees of each part of the undertaking provided for in this agreement are carried out on a multiple basis and not on the basis of a common basis, 2) the obligations of each party of commitment under this agreement are multiple and non-common and (3) no party of commitment assumes responsibility for the violation of a representation, a guarantee, an alliance, an obligation or another. (i) the company has the power and entrepreneurship necessary for this agreement and all other agreements under this agreement or plan: to conclude, execute and execute and, subject to notification of the confirmation decision and the conclusion of the plan, to fulfill its obligations under this contract and other agreements contemplated here in the contract or plan, including the issuance of subscription rights and subject to the entry of the confirmation system and the conclusion of the plan, in order to constitute the shares to be offered, the shares of back-stop and the new equity under the backstop commitment bonus.