Cloud Reseller Agreement

To the extent permitted by law, the terms of this agreement are confidential. Unless otherwise agreed, you cannot disclose these terms and conditions or the content of discussions that gave rise to third parties, those who are not to your affiliated companies or agents, or to designated or potential resellers who: a) must be aware of this information to assist in the implementation of this Agreement; and b) that all this information must be treated strictly confidentially. If you have questions about these different models or would like an offer to prepare a cloud service reloading agreement, please contact. I don`t think the use of a hybrid structure is necessary to ensure that your identity is open – this can be dealt with in the contract with the dealer. You agree to the processing of personal data by Microsoft and its agents in order to facilitate the purpose of this Agreement. As part of this agreement, you can provide Microsoft with personal data on behalf of third parties (including your contacts, resellers, distributors, administrators and employees). You will obtain all necessary consents from third parties under existing data protection legislation before providing personal data to Microsoft. You cannot give up all or part of this agreement. Alasdair, Very similar as your article and explanation of a variety of “agreements” that could support a reseller relationship. Had a question: Based on your experience, what is the percentage of commission “domain” for each of the four models you sketch? Any reference to “day” in this agreement is a calendar day. In an agreement I recently discussed, Kreditors partner organizations were free to resell the lender`s services under the subcontracting model or simply refer customers to the creditor for commission payments. this limited warranty does not cover problems caused by an accident, abuse or use of products in a manner inconsistent with this agreement or resulting from events beyond our proper control; From your point of view (reseller), I think the best options are: Alasdair: Have you found any cases where the dealer was held responsible for the customer according to a transfer model, when the seller dropped the ball? Do you see that as a significant risk under this plan? Applicable law and competent jurisdiction.

This agreement is governed by Irish law. If we take legal action to enforce this agreement, we will charge him in the jurisdiction where you are based. If you take legal action to enforce this agreement, you will file it in Ireland. This decision does not prevent any of the parties from applying in an appropriate jurisdiction with respect to the infringement of intellectual property rights. I haven`t come across cases, but there may be a risk. In the case of sales under English law, you can analyze the legal obligations of the dealer as follows: … I checked the point (which would have been a year or two ago) English law did not explicitly require a service provider to store the user`s encryption key, although there may be an obligation to deliver it to the appropriate authorities if you have it. A reseller is in a position similar to that of a service provider. This Microsoft Cloud agreement exists between Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited (“Microsoft,” “we,” “we” or “our” and the entity you represent, or if you do not define an entity associated with a subscription, this agreement is individually between Microsoft and you (in both cases”customer” or “you”).