Sales Coaching

Like what you’ve read here? Do you need some coaching or mentoring to get your sales game to the next level?

Then let’s talk. I know that not everyone has the same problems so I’ve got a couple of options for you:

The Level Up

You’ve got an idea of what you’re doing but need an outside, expert set of eyes on it to give you fresh feedback and direction.

The Level Up Package helps you make those last tweaks or changes to a sales or business process so that you can get back to doing the work that you love.

What We Do Together

A 1-on-1 call (Video chat or phone) to discuss whatever is on your mind: strategy, tactics, high level or in the details for up to 90 minutes. Within 24 hours you get an email with a recap of our call and some action items and resources I can recommend to you.

The Level Up:
90-minute training – $250

The Mini-Boss

You know the problems, but you don’t know how to start fixing them. Bring in The Mini-Boss.
The Mini-Boss tackles whatever new problems are in your way, building a new process, implementing new tech, starting new campaigns.
What We Do Together
You give me the problem that is keeping you frazzled. We talk through a solution together and over the next 30 days we will work together to get it implemented and working for you. Includes twice weekly calls to update and tweak the progress as we go.

The Mini-Boss:
30 days: $2000

The Boss

You need a review of your sales process and systems: the tech, the strategy, the tactics, the daily operations. Without this your growth isn’t going to grow. When you sign up The Boss I’ll dig into your whole sales work flow and break it down from top to bottom. From there we’ll go over the diagnosis together and implement an updated process that works for you and gets you back on track.
What We Do Together
We’ll spend some intense time together getting real about your sales process and lay out what is and isn’t working and how to make it better. I’ll build out a custom sales process for your business and team and help you implement it until it works for you.

The Comprehensive Package – Investment
$2500/month for 3-6 months