If You Charge Them….

With the economy being in the toilet, everyone is looking for the cheapest deal.
Or are they?
Some people are looking for the cheapest deal. But most people are looking for the best value. If you chase after the cheapskates, you’ll make some deals, convert some leads to customers, and move some product. However someone will update their prices, and undercut you by a dollar and they’re gone. This is the “client vs customer” debate. You don’t want customers nearly as much as you want clients.

If you can chase the value buyers, show why your product is a better long term deal, that it is worth people to pay a little bit more – THEN back it up – you’ll keep them as a client forever. People will pay for perceived value – your job is to put that value on a pedestal and shine a light on it.

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  1. “Don’t sell yourself short” sounds like the message here. Holding firm and not cutting prices to unsustainable levels has to be a better route to survival and prosperity than trying to cover a self-inflicted shortfall that you’ll have to pay for / account for somewhere down the road.

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