Sales Is a Transference of Emotion

I was recently shown what may be the most awesome jobs page of all time, from Flying Dog Brewery. They’ve got a few sales openings and speak to what Sales is really about:

Baltimore Sales Specialist

Job Summary

  • To sell a shit ton of Flying Dog’s world-class beers by getting the people at wholesalers, bars, restaurants, and beer stores as excited about the Flying Dog story and Flying Dog’s totally f***king amazing lineup of beers as we are
  • Selling is not simply about a presentation of facts and handing out sell sheets; it’s a transference of emotion

Emphasis Mine. Holy cow, a brewery that makes great beer distilled the essence of Sales into one short perfect sentence. “It’s a transference of emotion”. Wow. I defy any of you to define sales in a quicker, cleaner manner.

The best part of their post is that it keeps going with more awesome. Here are the the attributes they are looking for in a salesman:

  • You need to kick your own ass out of bed every morning, with a plan and determination, perseverance, and a burning desire to succeed. If you’re not determined to win, you will most assuredly lose to someone who is.
  • You must be exceptionally good at prioritizing and managing your time.
  • Speak freely, banter, smile a lot, be fun to be with and easy to be around. Be cool under pressure. The ability to make people laugh. And have fun selling!
  • The ability to get in front of decision makers, capture their imagination, and ask for the sale. You must be able to CLOSE! If you can’t get in front of decision makers and close the sales, you will suck at any sales career. Sales is not the right profession for anyone who is fearful of being rejected, lacking in self-confidence, or self-doubting. Neither is it the profession for chest-thumping blowhards.
  • An exceptional work ethic. The harder you work, the better you do at sales, and the more you earn. This is one of the most important characteristics that distinguish mediocre sales people from the professionals.
  • Lifelong commitment to self-development and self-education, the only true education.
  • Always make it about the other person and what’s in it for them, not about us. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is what sales is all about. We recommend getting the audio version and listening to it 200 times while in your automobile.
  • Be a little creative. Don’t be afraid to try some new approaches.
  • Leap over tall buildings in a single bound with a keg of beer in each hand.

Tonight I’ll be raising a glass of cold Flying Dog beer somewhere and toasting the team there. Not just for their great beer, but for recognizing what they’re looking for in a sales team and giving a great example for all of us to start from when looking for our own.