Selling Past the Close

Shut Up.

No really – stop talking.

How many times have you talked yourself out of a sale?  Far too many times it is easy to get on a roll selling and then the clients eyes glaze over and they start to nod off – after they were already ready to say yes.  When I was selling cars there was a salesman who would go on and on and on about every stat and feature of every car – whether the client wanted to hear about it or not – and many potential deals walked away just numb with new information and questions to research instead of the car they thought they wanted.

It is more important to make the sale than to be right – answer the objections they bring up but don’t keep answering the one’s they don’t.  And once they start to agree with you – close the deal – don’t keep selling.   No one cares about your presentation or your pitch after they’re ready to say yes – just start signing the paperwork.