Shaping a Sales Process – Clay

This will be the first in a series of posts in shaping your sales process to fit today’s needs

There is an extended backlog of books, blog posts, and articles that will teach you how to build a sales process that funnels your prospects from first interest in your product to a successful close and you becoming rich beyond your dreams.


Let me stop you right there, before you go adding that extra Guac at Chipotle – that’s all bullshit:

Sales funnels are dead. They no longer exist.

Your selling process is irretrievably broken and you’re wasting your time focusing on fixing it.

This came to a head when chatting with my good friend Greg from Marketing Press about his new podcast, More Than The Career. We were discussing what he saw as the plan for the podcast when he offhandedly blew my mind:

It’s clay right now. I’ll make what people want, until I see what I want it to do”

You see where this is going yet? Your sales process isn’t about how you want to sell.

It’s about how they want to buy.

Your customers will tell you what they want from you and how to give it to them. Your audience is the only factor that determines success. Not you. You can have the best sales process in the world, but if you don’t have an audience who wants to go down that path? Well, no guac for you.

Shape your sales process out of clay that you can mold and change, with enough flexibility to be whatever you need it to be – until you fire it and harden that into what you need.

Next time I’ll talk about how you can know when you’re there.