Ultraedit End User License Agreement

Each single user license is included with 3 activations. A multi-user license allows activation for the total number of users purchased plus additional activation. If you find that you need further activations, please send us an email with specific information about the number of activations you need. 2. Subscription-based software license (if applicable). If we make the Software available to you as part of your subscription for the use of the Services, we grant you a non-exclusive license for the installation and use of the Software: (a) in the territory, b) as long as your subscription is valid and (c) complies with the applicable conditions and corresponding documentation of this Contract. For custom subscriptions, you can activate the software on up to 5 computers (or virtual machines) at the same time. If your activations are related to a license ID for a company, company or academic institution, your activations are limited to the amount purchased. Personal activations should not be used by anyone other than the individual licensee. If you have received the SOFTWARE and all the necessary software keys from IDM or one of its authorized distributors, and as long as you comply with the terms of this C.A., IDM grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited personal license for the installation and use of the PRODUIT OR SOFTWARE in a manner consistent with its design, documentation and order. You can only use THE SOFTWARE on the basis of the license you have ordered and issued by IDM.

IDM offers different types of licenses to meet the requirements of its customers. Specific licenses are offered for the PRODUCT OR SOFTWARE SOFTWARE, depending on the use of the software. Your order refers to the authorized use of THE SOFTWARE, which may include the following, but not limited to; Personal License, Competitor License, Multi License, Site License, Business License or Volume Discount License. e. Cancellation. The IDM All Access license is only available on an annual prepaid subscription basis. We will always send you an extension notice (even if you have authorized automatic extensions). Once you have received the renewal notice, you can cancel your subscription by clicking on the “My Account” link.

You can also cancel your subscription by email or phone. We can provide any UltraEdit license, including annual subscriptions, indeterminate user licenses, simultaneous user licenses, training licenses, upgrades and renewals. 13. Access capacity. Unless otherwise stipulated in this ECJ, you cannot withdraw from this Agreement and the rights and obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of IDM. This is because you have installed an older version (z.B. UltraEdit v16 or before). Please update the latest version that can run your license via Help -> Check for Updates or by downloading here.

This error most likely means that the information you enter in the activation dialog box is not correct. Activation requires a license ID and a password. Everything else, z.B a username and code for an earlier version, doesn`t work. If you need a license ID and password for a new version you`ve installed on your system, please email us to request. 1.3 Use of the server. You can only install THE SOFTWARE on computer file servers on your internal network for the use of THE SOFTWARE initiated by a person from a computer within the same internal network, as section 1.1 allows. The total number of users (not the simultaneous number of users) who can use THE SOFTWARE on these computer file servers should not exceed the number of authorized users, as indicated in the purchased license. Teaching Licenses: An educational version of the user`s name or competitor license is available to non-profit educational institutions. To qualify for a student/teacher discount or a discount on teaching at university/class, you must be enrolled in a university or pubic educational institution