What is corniche?

Basically, corniche can be defined as a mountainous road. Generally, it is observed that the roads present on mountains are curvy (could be nauseous to travel there for some of us as well). They are bounded by rocky crust on one side, while on the other there is no ground present. We can see the beautiful scenery from the corniche, and if you are lucky enough, you can get a largely deserted corniche to hang out and enjoy the scenery below.


Dance can be defined as a form of art, involving the movement of limbs. If you just swing your body around, it could also be considered as dance, provided you enjoy the art. Dance is a type of performing art, just like singing, painting, playing music, cooking, etc., as art in one way or the other defines creativity.

Coming to the quality and forms, dance varies from place to place. From simply swinging your body merrily to stage dance, from tribal dance to ballroom dance, from Salsa to Bharatnatyam, everything is considered as dance. Dance may or may not involve music; some forms of dances like aerobics and Zumba can be used for a workout. Dance, along with a form of performing art, can also be a form of recreation, to refresh your mind and make you healthier.

Dance For Adults

Private dance class

Well, building a private dance class in corniche can be an awesome idea. It is for those who love dancing as well as they love adventures. We know that corniche is beautiful as well as risky. We would even love to enjoy dancing or teaching in a private dance class in corniche. Well, who would not? There is fresh air, lovely scenery, and, adventure, of course.

Most people living in mountainous areas practice in corniche, and slowly they build up a private dance class in corniche. It has its own pros and cons. Pros can be that it is very cheap; no expenses are required to build a special place at a corniche, and you are close to Mother Nature. You can take your wireless devices to learn dances.

Cons are- the place is dangerous. There can be frequent landslides. We can also fall down if we reach to the side of the corniche, as one is not aware of his/her position while dancing.

As the coin has its two sides, so is everything. So, private dance class in corniche also has its pros as well as cons. Pros are– the convenience of setting up a dance class and adventures. But the cons are- it can be dangerous. So, it is on us whether we get afraid and do not take up a dance class in corniche, or can be adventurous enough to take risks and learn things.

Coming home after a stressful day at work? Well, your pet dog will surely release the stress from your life by his unconditional love. As diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend synonymous to which dogs are said to be the best friend of a man. Pets, especially dogs have been preferred as domestic pets from the past many years. Many individuals take a pick of their favorite breed of their dog and bring it home bestowing on it lots of love and care. But one must also know to handle the dogs in an effective way in order to avoid any kind of accident in the future.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the information that one needs to know about the training of a dog. Leash training a dog is essentially important as it helps the trainer as to how to keep hold of the leash and also trains the dog to walk smoothly and smartly with the leash.

What is a leash?

A leash is basically a rope or somewhat similar object that is held tightly to the head or the neck of any animal for control or restraint. It also serves as a tool for the safety measures and lets your dog be in hold of your hand at the time of outing. Some leashes are tied to the harness, collar or halter of the animal and others can also be attached directly to the neck of the animal.

Pet Health; A Major Factor Behind The Well Being

Kinds of leashes available

  • Metal chain
  • Tab leashes in short length
  • Braided soft leather leashes along with a handle for loop and a clip
  • Webbing leash in nylon also termed as the training leash
  • Extended length webbing leashes
  • An adjustable loop handled enabled slip leash
  • Retractable leash with a hook

Above mentioned are just some of the numerous types of leash available in the market for your dog, you can take a pick accordingly to your suitability and preference.

Advantages of leash training of a dog

  • It serves the purpose of training the dog to walk nicely and smartly in a social gathering.
  • Leashes help in constraining the specific movements and behaviors of a dog as these pets are very active and thrilled to explore in the open areas.
  • It restricts the path traveled by the dog as this is a positive point to limit the dog to walk further in case of any suspected danger.
  • It is very easy and convenient for the owner as well as the dog to remain confined in a particular area and allow the dog to play or be trained in a safe and secure environment.